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Genny Allison

Customer Service Representative

Photo: Ashley Anderson

Ashley Anderson

Membership/Accounting Assistant

Photo: Robert Conwill

Robert Conwill

MLS Administrator

Staff liaison to the MLS Committee

Photo: Beverly Hickey

Beverly Hickey

Membership Director

Staff liaison to the Professional Development and Credentials Committees

Photo: Jeanelle Marshall

Jeanelle Marshall

Professional Standards Administrator/MLS Compliance

Photo: Nita Martin

Nita Martin

Communications Director/Event Planner

Staff liaison to Young Professionals Network

Photo: Giselle Stromgren, CPA

Giselle Stromgren, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Photo: Johnny Thrash

Johnny Thrash

Information Technology Director

Staff liaison to the MLS Committee

Photo: Jo Usry

Jo Usry

Chief Executive Officer

Photo: Tiffany Wheeler

Tiffany Wheeler

Membership / Supra Liaison